– Hello again –

金閣寺・the Golden Pavilion

Recognize this picture? Not what this is a picture of, but the picture itself?

Yes? 久しぶり。No? はじめまして。

This is the picture I used on the homepage of the blog I started back in 2017 when I first moved to Japan. That blog went through many name changes, identity crises, and months of neglect, before I finally shut it down in 2018. I originally started that blog because I wanted a place to store all the memories I made here in Japan, give confidence to those who just moved here, and possibly make some extra $$$.

However, after a few months I lost sight of all of that and blogging became a chore rather than something I enjoyed doing. I wasn’t happy with the content I was making anymore, so I just stopped. I decided to delete the blog because I wasn’t proud of what it became.

But I missed writing. I missed having a creative outlet.

So, here I am. Only this time things are going to be a little different. No more posting schedules or obsessing over themes. No more restrictive categories or worrying about view count. Instead I will only post pieces that I am proud of and make me happy. It could be about life in Japan, my latest travels, or maybe just my opinion on the newest Switch game (anyone else excited for New Horizons?). Who knows…

A lot has happened since I last posted and I’m excited to be back.

♡ M

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